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TT Transformer: a family of products that broadens the vision of dental surgery

All products are Made in Italy and are the result of years of research on morphogenetic proteins and dentine.
Who we are

TOOTH TRANSFORMER is an innovative Italian startup, founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals in order to conceive, design and develop innovative medical devices with high technological content, in scientific collaboration with leading research centers and universities. 

In 2014, from an idea of the same working group, the first innovative project called "TT" for the design, implementation and clinical testing of the medical device "TT TRANSFORMER", intendedfor the dental sector, was launched.

The technical feasibility was analyzed and deepened, biological tests were entrusted to the laboratories of the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta" of the Politecnico di Milano and with the help of scanning electron microscope to maximize the effectiveness and validate the safety of the dental grafting material produced by the device.

The project was completed at the beginning of 2018 with the issue of the CE certificate as a Class IIa medical device, necessary for marketing throughout the European Community and which allowed us to obtain a Certificate of Free Sale worldwide.

The "TT" project

The TT Transformer is a medical device that uses only autologous material of  dental origin. The advantages of this new technology are numerous:  

- there is absolute safety by using autologous material of dental origin taken from the same organism on which bone regeneration and possible implantation will be carried out;
- healing times are reduced and the maximum effectiveness of the graft material is obtained by
preserving and making available all the growth factors present in it;
- there is no need to make an intra or extraoral bone harvesting to the patient in order to have availability of autologous graft material, which is often very invasive;
- the protocol is much cheaper for the dentist than standard procedures;

- there is a better "psychological" impact on the patient: he is aware that no foreign material will be inserted into his body, without the need for furtherintervention;
- the use of the device is made simple by its engineering which allows a fully automatic process.

TT Transformer technology is the spearhead of a study that has lasted more than 50 years, aimed at demonstrating the extreme usefulness of dental autologous tissue in the field of bone regeneration. The graft material obtained with the TT Transformer, thanks to the demineralization action, has truly amazing characteristics: beyond the already discussed genetic compatibility, the real revolution is represented by the availability of BMP-2 bone morphogenetic proteins, which guarantee a much faster and more stable regeneration with high quality newly formed bone tissue. TT Transformer is the only device in the world capable of creating autologous dental graft material in which the presence of BMP-2 has been scientifically detected.


The mission of Tooth Transformer is to provide dentists with an easy-to-use medical device with clear biological advantages over the grafting procedures used to date, as well as practical and economic benefits.

Our slogan: preserve and innovate.

Preserve a valuable asset like the tooth to innovate surgical practice

The vision of TT Tooth Transformer is to change substantially and in a few years the techniques of bone regeneration by turning towards a safe and effective, practical and economic solution with high positive patient perception. It is also possible to envisage an extension of the use of the TT Transformer device in other branches of medicine.
Patents and certifications
The TT Transformer device has several patents, national and international, which protect its Intellectual property. 

It has also obtained CE certification as a Class IIa medical device.

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