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Comportamiento clínico radiográfico e histomorfométrico del diente autólogo como biomaterial en elevación de seno maxilar de … 3.10 MB DownloadPreview
The most suitable system to grind the whole tooth to use it as graft 1.14 MB DownloadPreview
Comparison of Different Techniques in Post_Extractive Socket Regeneration Using Autologous Tooth Graft_Histological and Clinical O… 4.34 MB DownloadPreview
Comportamiento del injerto autólogo de diente en preservación alveolar evaluación clínica radiográfica e histomorfométrica … 2.77 MB DownloadPreview
Socket Preservation Using Dentin Mixed with Xenograft 3.03 MB DownloadPreview
Dentin Graft Microscopic and Spectroscopic Analysis 863.97 KB DownloadPreview
Autologous Tooth Graft Innovative Biomaterial for Bone 1.72 MB DownloadPreview
Can the Age Affect the Regenerations Carried Out With Dental Graft 401.98 KB DownloadPreview
Clinical Oral Implants Res – 2022 European Association for Osseointegration 6.30 MB DownloadPreview
Derived_Dentin_Graft_as_Autologous_Bone_Regeneration_in_Implant_Surgery_A_Histological_and_Radiographic_Investigation 1.14 MB DownloadPreview
Autogenous Dentin Particulate Graft for Alveolar Ridge 2.19 MB DownloadPreview
Tooth as graft material Histologic study 1.58 MB DownloadPreview
Proprietà osteoinduttive del mix dentina autologa-fibrina sigillante case report 388.77 KB DownloadPreview
Implants Survival Rate in Regenerated Sites with Innovative Graft Biomaterials 1 Year Follow Up 2.24 MB DownloadPreview
The Use of Autogenous Teeth for Alveolar Ridge Preservation 465.32 KB DownloadPreview
Bio Morphological Reaction of Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts to Different Types of Dentinal Derivates 5.27 MB DownloadPreview
The_Use_of_Autogenous_Teeth_for_Alveolar_Ridge_Preservation_A_Literature_Review 465.32 KB DownloadPreview
Multi-center study on post-extraction socket preservation using autologous tooth graft 184.72 KB DownloadPreview
Autologous Materials in Regenerative Dentistry 826.63 KB DownloadPreview
MUDr. Martin Čelko_ Autologní dentin článek můj 2.57 MB DownloadPreview
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 Comparison of autogenous tooth bone graft and synthetic bone graft materials used for bone resorption around implants after 312.08 KB DownloadPreview
 Autogenous teeth used for bone grafting 243.47 KB DownloadPreview
what is the critical pH 314.87 KB DownloadPreview
use of autologous tooth-derived graft material in the post extraction dental socket.Pilot study 282.62 KB DownloadPreview
tooth derived bone graft material 365.74 KB DownloadPreview
the natural and functional significance of dentin extracellular matrix proteins 798.68 KB DownloadPreview
new bone formation using an extracted tooth as a biomaterial 282.99 KB DownloadPreview
morphological filed emission sem study of the effect of six phosphoric acid agents on human dentin 621.37 KB DownloadPreview
long term evaluation of autogenous demineralized dentin matrix a retrospective 7-years clinical study 283.21 KB DownloadPreview
induction of heterotopic bone formation by demineralized dentin an experimental model in guinea pigs 595.33 KB DownloadPreview
immortalized mouse dental papilla mesenchymal cells preserve odontoblastic phenotype and respond to bone morphogenetic protein 2 295.45 KB DownloadPreview
human dentin as novel biomaterial for bone regeneration. 257.07 KB DownloadPreview
healing dynamics following alveolar ridge preservation with autologous tooth structure 304.17 KB DownloadPreview
guided bone regeneration using demineralized dentin matrix long term follow up 306.34 KB DownloadPreview
greffe de dentine autologue et preservation de la crete alveolaire 1.11 MB DownloadPreview
geometry of carriers controlling phenotypic expression in BMP-induced osteogenesis and chondrogenesis 374.91 KB DownloadPreview
evaluation of osteoconductive and osteogenic potential of a dentin based substitute 265.77 KB DownloadPreview
efficacy of autogenous tooth roots for lateral alveolar ridge augmentation and staged implant placement. A prospective controlled … 653.26 KB DownloadPreview
effects of dentin proteins, trasforming growth factor B1 (TGFB1) and bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) on the differentation of … 749.84 KB DownloadPreview
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